Why Your Business Needs Social Media

Why Your Business Needs Social Media

Unless you have been living in a cave for the past decade, you definitely know what Social Media is, and the almost unreal ability it has to connect billions of people across the globe- instantly. With that kind of reach, it’s undeniable that your business NEEDS to be connected on at least one Social Media platform, otherwise you are simply throwing away the easiest and cheapest (free) advertising you could ever get.

Be Seen -But Don’t Spam

Reaching a large number of people with information directly pertaining to your business or company is the end game when using Social Media as a marketing tool, but you don’t want to come across as pushy. If all you are posting is sales notices and reviews on your products- people will tune out and in the worst case, unfollow you altogether. You need to build relationships with your customers- post engaging content that speaks to them and their lifestyle, this will make them more prone to notice when you DO post something of relevance that you WANT them to see.

Are Your Customers Checking In? Or Have They Already Checked Out?

If your business has a physical location, you are losing out on A LOT of free advertising by not offering a “check-in” app. Let’s say you are a realtor: with a check-in app, “Sally” can post a status stating- “Just found my dream home!” and she can then tag your company. All of “Sallys” friends will see it, and you may just pick up a few more clients along the way.

Take Care Of Your Customers

According to studies, it is HIGHLY unlikely that a customer will recommend your brand if they feel that you are simply using your Social Media accounts to hard-push sales and promotions instead of actually listening to them. Many other users have stated that contacting their favorite companies through Social Media is much more preferable than trying to speak to someone through a call center. The Internet is working 24/7/365 – so now you can too. Social Media enables you to keep up to date with any customer concerns or complaints towards your brand, and fix the issues accordingly, directly and make your customer feel like they are heard.

Keep Your Brand Connected

Always make sure your website is Social Media optimized. Make sure you have a variety of “share” options across many different platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ , ect), your customers should be able to share your products or anything else pertaining to your brand. This is quite simply the easiest way to expand your business presence across the web.

Why would you pass up on such a lucrative and cheap way to market and advertise? In this day and age, NOT being on Social Media is really just about enough to kill your business- so if you want to stay alive, you had better get on board!

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