How To Gain More Business And Sales Through Social Media

How To Gain More Business And Sales Through Social Media

The most common goal in most business models is to raise your ROI and increase sales. In order to do this effectively, you must first spend time getting to know your potential consumers/clients, build relationships and target the most profitable and appropriate demographic accordingly. As studies have proven time and time again, the best way to nurture consumer/business relationships is through Social Media- but how do you insure that you are reaching not only a large range of people, but the right people?

Get To Know Your Followers

Wouldn’t you love to be able to be a fly on one of your customers walls? How about all of your customers walls, and even the walls of potential customers? That is exactly what Social Media enables you to do- you will literally be able to see what people are saying about your products and brand, and then act accordingly. Not only that, but Social Media enables you to gather valuable information on what products are trending within your target demographic, any complaints customers may have, and you may even pick up invaluable suggestions on how to make your product or service better- thus keeping more people interested, and attracting new prospects.

Connect With Your Target Audience

Sounds simple enough but simply posting your products and sale statuses every day is not going to keep your followers interested. Your Social Media content should appeal to the lifestyles and interests of your end-users, not just information overload on everything about your business or products. Try offering a collection of pictures and interesting text posts and articles (related to your niche or at least light hearted and engaging) and just mix in product deals and sales or information in regards to the company throughout.

Be Both Timeless And Viral

Numerous studies have shown that the more people that are actually interacting with your profiles (clicking links, “liking”, sharing and commenting) the more likely those people and a higher percentage of your overall followers will continue to actually see your posts and updates in their newsfeeds. In order to get a high level of interaction, you need to produce content that catches their attention. Keep up with what hashtags are trending, try to post content that is “new” and if not new, at least something that has “viral” capabilities or an intriguing headline. Ask questions, host polls on your products, share content from companies that you are connected with.

The more people that are interacting with your profiles means more people are likely to see your posts when you share something actually important, such as a sale or a new product. Just the fact that you have expanded your reach means that you have expanded your reach to new potential customers. Therefore, more interesting content that garners engagement = page views when it actually counts, such as making a sale!

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