Hootsuite Vs. HyperShout- Which is Better For You?

Hootsuite Vs. HyperShout- Which is Better For Your Business or Company?

Managing your Social Media accounts can seem like a daunting and completely overwhelming task if you don’t really know where to get started. It can seem even MORE impossible when you know what needs to be done and how to do it, but you just don’t have the time. In most cases, given these particular circumstances- most businesses will opt to hire either an independent manager, task someone within the company to take care of it (often paying more) or they will hire a Social Media Management Company. We’re going to talk about two companies in the latter category.

Do It Yourself (With a Little Help)

To be clear, Hootsuite is a Social Media Management SYSTEM, not company or service. They provide you with an array of tools and resources, but the job is still yours to do. And although the basic account with them is free, if you already have a team that would be using the program for you (your independent manager or direct employee) you will have to pay, and depending on the size of your team- you may have to pay quite a bit. BUT, if it’s just you and you already know what content you want to post and when to post it, Hootsuite offers a “one-stop” shop where you can schedule everything once, and it will go out to all of your profiles. You can also monitor follower activity and respond directly from their platform. Of course, if you have a team in place, there are plenty more perks such as private messaging, delegated tasks and more- but once again, you’ll be paying for each perk as your monthly subscription increases.

Hand Over The Reins (But Still Keep Control)

HyperShout is a full service Social Media Management COMPANY and service that literally manages your accounts for you. You don’t need to spend valuable hours writing, curating and scheduling your own content because it’s already done FOR you. Simply activate your Social Media profiles within the app, and HyperShout schedules and posts ready-made content that will engage your followers and keep your pages seen across each platform, by more people. Plus, if you want to schedule your own posts, you CAN! Within your dashboard you can gain access to your insights, track demographic data and target your next campaign accordingly. Right now (at the time of this posting) HyperShout covers both Facebook and Twitter, but is expected to integrate quite a few more platforms in the near future including Google+ and Linkedin, so you can rest easy knowing that all your profiles are being updated and maintained regularly with the best content the web has to offer. Although not free, HyperShout is a no-contract, pre-pay monthly subscription service, and is definitely an affordable alternative to other options.

Managing your Social Media accounts doesn’t have to be an overwhelming hassle, you simply need to analyze what your company needs are and select a service that will meet those needs fully and financially!

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